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College Handbags

Many girls spend a considerable amount of time selecting dresses that are in style and want to keep up with the latest fashion trend. While clothing is important for all, accessories are definitely the icing on the cake.College handbags, you may not realize are one of the most important item when it comes to style. The handbag you carry can either complement the colleg dress you are wearing or completely ruin the overall affect regardless of how expensive your outfit you are wearing. You handbag also has to reflect your personality. Whilst having a whole array of handbags in different styles and colours is nice, cheap handbags do not last as long. Look for good quality fabrics and check the stitching. Make sure the stitches are tight and small, look for slightly wider straps aswell, thin straps wear out much more quickly
Personalising/customising your bag can look great, simple things like adding a scarf over the bag or a few badges/buttons, a bag charm or even a bracelet instead of a bag charm! Think carefully about what you need to carry around day to day college, if you have a lot to carry, a small handbag is not really going to be the most practical thing. If you do have a lot to carry, go for a medium to large sized handbag, one with lots of pockets, whether they are inside or outside they will come in handy for keeping stuff organised.Many students feel that the color of your college handbag must match the color of your outfit. While sometimes color coordinating your college dress and handbag may be appropriate, it does not have to be a rule. So don't think that your handbag has to match your outfit. Sometimes you may prefer to use your handbag to render contrast.
When using your handbag take into account the season. Handbags come in a wide variety of materials and some are made with materials that are appropriate for harsher weather conditions, for example during the winter season. A heavy Swede bag may be suitable during the winter months but should naturally be avoided during the hot summer months.
Fabric, style, and price that you should be looking for.If you trace back the original of women's handbag, you would be surprised to find out that it were originally used by the population of male since the last few thousands of years ago. While the purpose and the outlook of the handbag are different than it was before

Leather Handbags

Most of women have a collection of handbags to satisfy their needs and fashions. There is some range of handbags like totes, clutches, shoulder bags, satchels, hobos, cross body bags, laptop bags, etc.If you are fanatic to fashion of handbags, online collections of women handbags would amaze you.You can find actually a lot of different reasons as to why purchasing leather shoulder handbags is such a great idea. For one, leather is among the most long-lasting materials out there. So you can be sure that your leather handbags or purses will be made of fine quality and that they’ll last you for many years. This is really among the most significant things of all
to think about when you are preparing on purchasing something such as leather handbags or purses made from leather. Most women are crazy about having a brand name leather handbag as they believe that luxurious and expensive handbags could improve the over all personality and appearance of the bag owner. It is thus seen that a large number of leather bags are purchased by the woman and one of the important factor while buying a leather bag is to determine the budget as the budget determines the quality of the leather. So if your budget is high you can think of a brand name
but if its low than you need to compromise with some replica handbags which too can be a better option. Also, to look closely at the suppleness of the leather while buying a leather handbag is another important point to note. Remember that leather that is of high quality will be soft and easily bendable.
The size and the straps style of the bag may differ according to ones choice. So one can just need to be little careful with these tips while buying a leather handbag and all woman would surely land up carrying a trendy and fashionable leather handbag with love.Don not use saddlesoap .It is very alkaline (pH over 10) and will attach the leather finish and affect the pH of the leather. Good for saddles which are much harder and thicker than handbag leather. For other spot soiling use the white eraser, it is effective in removing many different types of dirt

Titanium And Black Diamond Men's Rings recognizes the demand from consumers for more modern, urban and contemporary jewelry designs for men. As noted at the JKC show in Las Vegas last week, mens jewelry is expanding to include new styles and designers offering consumers even more selections in sophisticated yet urban pieces.Jewelry designs featuring stainless steel, black diamonds, titanium and tungsten continually grow in demand among younger men and men of all ages who have more urban tastes. provides mens wedding bands and jewelry constructed from the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques, while keeping its focus on the trends and up and coming styles in recognizes the demand from consumers for more modern, urban and contemporary jewelry designs. Items such as the Triton® HALCYON bracelet which boasts twin rows of 50 lustrous black diamonds complemented with a heavy 10mm width bracelet; titanium rings with black diamonds; and the Clarion Black Diamond Dog Tag Necklace have been leading sales in recent months.JKC keynote speaker, Russell Simmons discussed his new line Simmons Jewelry which he developed to help raise awareness for the Diamond Empowerment Fund. Likewise, many of the pieces in Simmons Jewelry line feature stainless steel with diamonds. Black diamonds which became popular in the early 1990's have seen a renewed interest from celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike. First discovered back in 1840 in Brazil, black diamonds are primarily found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. The revived trend for black diamonds has influenced contemporary and urban jewelry designs offering cool, sleek and sophisticated styles for young men."We've continuously widened our inventory to meet the demands of consumers by providing the latest trends and designs," stated Ron Yates founder of "The mens jewelry market is benefitting from the evolution of materials, styles and global influences in designs. As celebrities such as Russell Simmons, Seal and Kanye West expand their musical talents to the world of jewelry designs, the styles and materials used offer a whole new flavor in mens jewelry while shedding light on important global causes," Yates concluded.

Wedding Hair Styles

Obviously, your wedding day is the most important day of your life. For this reason, you want everything to be perfect, including the flowers, cake, photography, music, gown, and of course, your hair. Along with all the other aspects of the day, your wedding hairstyles need to look better than ever. You will reach a point where you have to decide the type of wedding hairstyles that appeal to you most.
Some brides prefer an updo while other brides like down wedding hair styles. To make your decision, several factors will come into play. For instance, if you are considering a theme wedding, then you should discuss wedding hairstyles with the bridal party to ensure everyone is on the same page. This is important in that you will probably have friends standing up with you that have a variety of haircuts. For example, if you were planning a Victorian style wedding where the women had long, curly hair, the bridesmaid with the short hair would have a challenge to deal with.
Other factors important to consider include the style of your wedding gown, your specific hair type, the type of veil, headpiece, or hair jewelry you plan to wear, the season, and of course, your personal preference. If you will be wearing a wedding gown that has a low-cut neckline, then wedding hairstyles with soft, feminine curls would look beautiful, cascading around your bare shoulders. On the other hand, if the gown were high-collared, then you would want to consider wedding hairstyles that could be worn up.
If you are simply unsure where to begin, keep in mind that traditional wedding hair styles never become outdated. These styles remain very popular and work well with a formal or informal wedding. This type of hairstyle would include an updo, sprayed and pinned into place and then tight curls created at the nape of your neck. Typically, a veil or headpiece would then be attached to the bun or roll at the crown, with soft tendrils flowing freely at the sidesFor many brides, the goal is to look sophisticated and elegant on this special day. If glamour is what you are looking for in your wedding hairstyles, then you could pull all your hair up in a topknot, which would be ideal for framing the face. With a bun created on the crown and then the rest of the hair swept into it, you would see chic contrasting streaks that are gorgeous and definitely glam.
Another option to consider when it comes to wedding hair styles is one that can be worn with short hair. In this case, the hair would be backcombed, as a way of creating fullness. Then, the hair would be pulled back smooth and pinned to create an oval shape. Finally, with a curling iron, you would create delicate curl that would fall just around the front part of the veil and fastened with bobby pins that match your hair color or adorned with gems.
To achieve a romantic look on your wedding day, you can always use a number of hair ornaments or jewelry. Even simple wedding hairstyles can be enhanced with the right accessories. For example, you could wear your hair pulled back in a ponytail but by adding a chignon or beaded wrap, you have taken an everyday hairstyle and transformed it into a beautiful and romantic weding style. Even wearing your short hair down, you can add small pin curls and jeweled barrettes to create an elegant look. Other options to enhance wedding hairstyles would be to interweave lace, ribbon, or matching gown fabric in your hair.
With a little creativity, the options for creating that fairytale look are endless. You might consider rolling your hair with medium size rollers with your hair just barely damp. Under a dryer, allow the curl to set and then when the rollers are removed, you can use a wide, bristle brush to brush the curls loosely. Then take the hair and twist it up, leaving small strands of the curl out with the rest of the hair secured with the veil or gemmed hair jewelry.
Finally, if you want a fairytale look, you can roll your hair with medium rollers. For the best results, make sure your hair is damp and then once rolled, set under a dryer. Once the rollers are removed, you will use a wide bristle brush to brush the curls out loosely, being careful not to pull the actual curl out and then twist the hair up and pin it. To complete the look, simply work with the curls until a tousled look has been achieved

Hair Coloring Tips

1. Don’t Try This at Home…
Many women choose to color their hair at home to save money. It’s a viable option—but only if you know exactly what you’re doing.
“I don’t recommend this unless you’ve already had lots of experience with the use of these chemicals and do not have damaged hair,” writes Dr. Susan C. Taylor, a Harvard University-trained dermatologist, in her book, Brown Skin: Dr. Susan Taylor’s Prescription for Flawless Skin, Hair, and Nails (HarperCollins Publishers Inc., New York).
“To avoid damaging your tresses, it’s worth it to see a licensed and experienced hair stylist,” Dr. Taylor advises.
2. Henna Hazards
Henna is a natural vegetable stain that has been used for more than 6,000 years to color hair, but perhaps it’s time to take full advantage of modern technology.
“I love the idea of using a nature-made color on my hair, but I must confess, henna scares me,” writes New York City beauty and health journalist Stephanie Pedersen, author of the K?I?S?S Guide to Beauty (Keep It Simple Series, DK Publishing, Inc., New York). “That’s because, while henna generally produces some shade of red, you won’t know exactly what shade until after you’ve completed the treatment.”
And you’re truly stuck with the color, she warns, because henna cannot be removed or combined with conventional hair color (your hair will turn green or greenish-black and quite possibly break off altogether).
3. Sexy Silver, Gorgeous Gray
Even if you choose to go gracefully gray (or, shall we say, stylishly silver), your color can use a boost to avoid flatness and yellowing.
“Any shade of gray, or any stage of graying, can benefit from the boost of a special color process,” writes former Vogue marketing director Diana Lewis Jewell in Going Gray, Looking Great! (Simon & Schuster, New York).
With salt-and-pepper hair, “the effect will be subtle, emphasizing natural light and shadow,” she notes. With completely white hair, tone will be enhanced and become more dimensional, without adding streaks. And with hair that Jewell describes as “just plain blah,” it will take on a silvery sparkle and be revitalized. Your hairstylist can advise you on specific options that meet your needs.
4. Hair Guacamole
Colored hair can become brittle and damaged if exposed to too much sun—so what do you do when you’re on vacation at some secluded island resort and your hairstylist is a thousand miles away?
Turn to Mother Nature, advises British Hairdresser of the Year and product manufacturer Charles Worthington in The Complete Book of Hairstyling (Firefly Books, Buffalo, New York).“Mash up an avocado and work it into your hair after shampooing,” he writes. “Leave it on for at least five minutes to let the moisturizing oils penetrate the hair shaft, then rinse it off thoroughly.”
5. Chemistry Set
Never have two chemical processes—such as coloring, perming or relaxing hair—performed at the same time, according to Drs. Fran Cook-Bolden, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Columbia University in New York City, and Dr. Jeanine Downie, director of Image Dermatology in Montclair, New Jersey. Together, they have

Celebrity Hairstyles

Hollywood celebrities change their hairstyles as frequently as the rest of us do our laundry. Blonde one week, brunette the next, celebrity hairstyle tastes are fickle, but it doesn’t stop women around the world from copying the much-photographed looks they admire.
Here’s a list of 10 hottest celebrity hairstyles seen in and around Hollywood. Which ones best suit you?
1. Shaggy Flips with Long Bangs
Celebrity Hairstyle: Singer Alanis Morissette, sounding strong on her most recent album, So-Called Chaos.
Morissette has come a long way from her grungy Jagged Little Pill days. She now sports a mature shaggy flip, with long bangs precisely thinned by a celebrity stylist’s razor. Bangs should not be cut straight across—rather, longer on the sides and angled toward the cheeks. Create a soft “back flip” with a large-barrel curling iron, a round brush and holding spray.
2. High-Volume Spiral Curls
Celebrity Hairstyle: Angela Bassett, now seen in Mr. 3000, a baseball-themed comedy starring Bernie Mac (opens Sept. 17), and The Lazarus Child, a drama now in production.
The usually sleekly coiffed Bassett's chosen celebrity hairstyle is a soft, round, just-above-the-shoulder spray of loose spiral curls. The emphasis is on volume, without being overwhelming or over-styled. Curls should be individually separated with the fingers for definition.3. Long, Wavy Curls
Celebrity Hairstyle: Halle Berry sporting her new hairstyle, now in production on The Guide, a thriller in which she possesses psychic powers, and the crime drama Foxy Brown—both scheduled for release next year.The pre-Catwoman short hairstyle is long gone, and Berry is modeling soft, flowing, shoulder-length curls—one of the most talked-about celebrity hairstyle metamorphoses in Hollywood. She wowed the crowd at the recent MTV Movie Awards when she took her hairstyle to the next level with with extra wavy curls. To create your own celebrity hairstyle with out the celebrity price tag, use a moisturizing shampoo, which curls will drink up. Make sure your styling spray fights frizz.
4. Two-Toned Blonde
Celebrity Hairstyles: Our number 4 hottest celebrity hairstyle is sported by two equally stunning Hollywood celebrities Glenn Close, who just appeared in the updated version of The Stepford Wives, and Sharon Stone, who recently tried to kick Halle Berry’s tail in Catwoman.
Instead of a single blonde hue, Close mixes light and dark blonde shades, which complement her short, layered cut. It keeps her look youthful, and any stray grays blend in without being noticed.
Stone’s spiky crop has become her trademark celebrity hairstyle — deliberately disheveled, with barely-there choppy bangs and ear-revealing sides. To create Stone’s hairstyle, you’ll first need to get her cut. Then, use a volumizing spray and blow-dry with a diffuser attachment, using your spare hand to manipulate individual pieces to achieve the perfect “celebrity mess.”
5. Sleek and Straight
Celebrity Hairstyle: Jada Pinkett Smith, now seen with Tom Cruise in Collateral.
Mrs. Will Smith has gone from a close-as-it-comes crop and funky dreadlocks to long, straight celebrity status hairstyle, with a trademark side part. To create your own Celebrity look, accentuate the hairstyle with extra-long chandelier earrings.
6. Brilliant Brunette
Celebrity Hairstyle: Catherine Zeta-Jones, who just wrapped shooting of Ocean’s 12 with George Clooney and Brad Pitt; now filming The Legend of Zorro with Antonio Banderas, for release next year.
Instead of over-lightening her long brunette tresses, Zeta-Jones colors her hair a luminous shade of espresso, which brings out the natural beauty of her fair skin and iridescent eyes. Her makeup has also become more sophisticated, as she trades bright red lips for medium earthy shades and toned-down eyeliner. Her hairstyles length allows for extreme styling versatility, as demonstrated by her captivating wedding-day topknot.
7. Retro Chic
Celebrity Hairstyle: Scarlett Johansson, of The Girl with the Pearl Earring fame, now in production on The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (animated) and Woody Allen’s untitled new film, set for release next year.
Reminiscent of the 1920s celebrity, Johansson has been seen of late with a bevy of fingerwaves and a severe, yet fetching, three-quarter part hairstyle. Set hair with perm rods to create a crown full of curls. Using a high-quality setting lotion, use your fingers to sculpt fingerwaves. Lightly run a comb through the hair to add texture. Spray with an oil-based mist for extra shine and with a little magic create your very own Scarlett Johansson celebrity hairstyle.
8. The Edgy Bob
Celebrity Hairstyle: Tonya Lee Williams, now seen on CBS’ The Young and the Restless.
The classic bob has a new-millennium update, with breezy layers sliced by a stylist’s razor. The hairstyle is maintained with setting lotion and a curling iron. Spiky ends are turned outward for an ultra-feminine celebrity hairstyle.
9. Hair JewelryCelebrity Hairstyle: Mariska Hargitay, now seen on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
Newlywed Hargitay has been pinning back her highlighted hair with diamond-studded barrettes. Hollywood’s A-list is partial to butterfly motifs, in particular. In addition to barrettes, silk-covered bobby pins, hair gems and jeweled combs are finding their way into more and more celebrity hairstyles.
10. Blonde Highlights on African-Americans
Celebrity Hairstyle: Eve, rap singer, celebrity, star of the one-word sitcom bearing her name, and currently appearing in the raucous comedy, The Cookout.
Eve loves blonde hairstyles at any length, and she’s currently styling a layered, below-the-shoulder look, accented by perfectly blended bangs. Her highlights are multi-tonal, reducing the harshness of single-toned highlights on dark hair.
Check out how you would look adorning your favorite celebrity hairstyle. Preview before you take the leap with the latest technology in hair and facial imagery, simply upload 2 photos and see the wild and daring look of your favorite celebrity hairstyles will compliment your facial features.
With the resources at your fingertips nowaday, it is easily to find and copy your favorite celebrity hairstyle. Whether it's Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyles, or Halle Berry curls. Find your favorite celebrity pic, try it out on your face with virtual hairstyle technology, and take the plunge and let your favorite hairstylist give you a magic hairstyle makeover.

Hair Cut Advice!

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The Latest Spring and Summer Fashion

With every season come the issues of organizing clothes and deciding on new business and casual attire. On-line fashion sites, magazines, and fashion on TV are a good start, but runway shows give the latest fashion tips.
This is one of the reasons women, and a few men, recently attended a fashion show, benefitting Dress for Success, at the tented runway set at Oakridge mall. The stylish evening was hosted by Flare magazine’s Fashion Director Elizabeth Cabral, and Oakridge’s Style Coach Jessie Carlson. A Canadian fashion authority, Cabral has dressed Alicia Keys, Fergie, and Taylor Swift. It was a timely event to get inspired as the movie Sex in the City hits the big screen with outfits proving that fashion is fun.
1. Tribal Fashion and the Exotic Traveller
Tunics are in for a safari look of earthy-tone fabrics with exotic prints, lacing, and ethnic jewellery. The first outfit featured was a Michael Kors drawstring-waist silk tunic with matching harem pants. High-heel platform stilettos matched an embossed python handbag.
The tip is the forgiving tunic that falls over the hips for a flattering look. Trade the stilettos for gladiator sandals during vacation travel, and embrace one of many versions of harem pants fitting any figure.
2. Scuba Chic from Oceanic Inspiration
The body-hugging outfits offer the functionality of the neoprene material of scuba diving suits. For the forward fashion lover, scuba is assertive with its squared shoulders and bright colors.

The Latest Kids Fashions for Fall/Winter 2010

Winter has arrived! It’s time to pack up the kids summer clothes and jump into the new season with an updated wardrobe. Try out the latest outfits designed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Casa Altana, Kidspace, Miss Blumarine, Miss Grant, Liu Ho, Whoolrich and Replay and Sons. They are perfect for the young boys and girls who are looking for an effortless, cool, and casual style.
Casual styles are for kids who love to be comfortable and fashionable. Made to rock, these outfits are fresh and hip of all types and ensure an easy-going and confident look.The light and casual feel with the fashion touch makes these outfits seductive. A good collection of jeans and knitwear are always fun for the little ones to feel trendy. Made from durable, soft and warm materials, these outfits ensure maximum comfort. The coats and jackets in bright and metallic colors presented by Miss Blumarine and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada are really cool. These kids’ dresses are available in unlimited colors combining blue, pink, red, yellow and drops of green with fun yellow boots and shoes.
From party wear to casual wear playful and super cute styles are great for kids. These outfits were featured by Liu-Ho and Miss Grant.
Try out these outfits with belts, artificial fur or stylish purses with fabric flowers for a grand look. Make your little girl feel special by dressing her with the grand outfits designed by Miss Blumarine. They are available in cool shades, decorative elements and modern materials. Kids can now choose a different style for each different occasion.For the winter, dress your kids with these complete and weather friendly outfits and go a little fancier the coming year.

Hair Color Ideas for 2010

Hair color is a great and easy way to transform a persons look without changing the hairstyle or the hair length. The cosmetic industry has made it very easy for women nowadays to change their hair color in virtually minutes. You can go from one color to another whenever you feel the need of a change of appearance.There are two options when it comes to coloring the hair: you can do it yourself in the privacy of your own home or you can visit a salon for a professional job. Depending on your preference you can choose whatever method suites you best. The colors available vary widely from simple colors to extravagant vivid colors. The variety comes to satisfy the clienteles desires and preferences. The most common hair colors used are brown tones, black, blonde and red tones.Hair color trends change from year to year but these four basic colors will never go out of style. There are many shades of each color available in order to match all skin types. The most important thing when choosing a hair color is to make sure the hair color matches our skin tone. Skin tones can be emphasized by certain colors or caused to look dull by others, this is why it is very important to choose wisely and why there are so many shades available.Blonde Hair ColorBlonde tresses were always considered to be sexy and attractive, probably due to the fact that most of the sex symbols of the past and present were blonds. Blonde hair exudes warmth and exoticism, which makes blonde hair color one of the most popular hair colors of all. There are a variety of blonde shades available o suite most types of complexions. Celebrities seem to have fallen for this hair color because more and more celebrities are dyeing their gorgeous tresses blonde. From platinum blonde to strawberry blonde, they all look great.Brown Hair ColorBrown hair is one of the most common colors because it matches almost all complexion types. There are several shades available from light brown to dark brown hair color to choose from in order to match all preferences. Brow hair color can soften a persons appearance because of the warmth the color exudes.Red Hair ColorRed hair always seemed to express innocence but still had a certain mystery attached to it. There are so many red hair color available, from intense red hair to orange red hair. as it enhances facial features, making them appear soft and make skin glow. Since there are so many red hair dyes available it makes the process of finding the right color easier because of the wider range of colors.Black Hair ColorBlack hair always looked good on fair as well as on tanned skin. This is a hair color which definitely bring out the eye color doesn't suit everyone. It enhances certain complexions but it can also make other complexions appear dull, pale and lifeless. If the color matches the complexion it will help create a very sexy and mysterious look, a look most women can appeal to. Choose the right color for your skin type and the tone of color which appeals to you most and you will definitely look stylish. These colors will never go out of style because they are basic colors, the only thing that will change are the shades. Choose the one which suites you best and you will definitely be admired.

Diamond Wedding Jewelry 2010

Fashion keeps getting stranger and stranger. Even wearing purple feathers as hair accessories is common these days (I confess. I own a feather headband or two). But when it comes to jewelry, many women opt for tried and true pieces. Diamond journey necklaces, diamond stud earrings and dainty diamond bracelets are the most common items found in a woman's jewelry box. These classic trends aren't going anywhere either. Tried and true jewelry pieces will continue to be popular throughout 2010.This is because jewelry is a lasting purchase. So when men buy jewelry for women or women buy something for themselves, they don't want it to be a fickle fashion trend. No surprise then that diamond jewelry will continue to be a female's fav this year, but it does not mean there won't be twists. I am the diamond girl after all!Although the majority of jewelry worn will stay within the classic category, women will also choose to accessorize with bold pieces. Jewelry is a tale of two cities after all. To achieve this bolder look, women will pile on the cuffs and bracelets. Like 2009, 2010 is all about making statements. Dangle-style earrings channel this more intense look and continue to be a top pick. From diamond drop earrings to gold hoops with diamonds, it's impossible to go wrong with a dangle.Classic pieces will also be given a bolder look in 2010 by layering jewelry pieces together. This applies to everything from cocktail rings to necklaces. For a unique take on a classic diamond pendant necklace, wrap it around your wrist and transform it into a bracelet, for example. It's fashion forward and classic.The sky is the limit when it comes to jewelry in 2010. Celestial-themed jewelry is a top pick. Stars and moons are infiltrating the jewelry scene, with diamonds popping up here and there amongst the celestial themes. Flower motifs will also continue to be worn this year, especially sprouting up this spring.Black and white motifs persist in proving people like dichotomy in their designs. Darkened metals paired with diamonds make a bold statement, as do black diamonds paired with white metal. The color scheme ranges in everything from earrings to bracelets. That said, white on white is a hit too. Diamonds always work well with white gold. Cluster gemstones and diamonds also make their way in everything from necklaces to rings, generating a big look with a smaller price tag.Textured metals are also a key trend as are antique-style pieces. Old or young, everyone likes jewelry that has a history. This trend ranges from overt antique-like (wearing a coin) to subtle antique-like (wearing a grandmother's diamond pendant necklace).Although trends vary from person to person, it's safe to say that 2010 will stay classy when it comes to jewelry

Men's Dress Shirts - Shirt Style Details (Collars, Cuffs, Pockets, Etc)

Over the past half-century, the dress shirt has gone from being an undergarment to holding a prominent place in many outfits. This is one reason why it is today available in so many styles, colors, and patterns. Whether one's style is chinos or suit-and-tie, shirts are an essential means of expanding one's wardrobe.
A shirt's style signals quite a bit about the wearer's intentions. A dress shirt with a button-down collar, left breast pocket, plain front, and single-button cuffs signals leisure while a dress shirt with a turned-down point collar, no breast pocket, placket front, and French cuffs signals formality. The beauty of adjusting a shirt's style is that you can design it for not only for the occasion but also to compliment your unique features.
Shirt Collars
The men's dress shirt collar is the most important style detail, both in determining the garment's level of formality and in how it flatters the wearer's face. Button-down collars are the least formal and extremely versatile; they look great without a tie but can just as well support a tie and sweater, blazer, or sport coat combination. The wing collar, on the other hand, is reserved for formal wear and should always be worn with its companion parts. It is the least versatile collar, whose sole purpose is to signal the highest level of dress.
Most men's dress shirts sport some sort of pointed collar, but there is huge room for variety here. While the standard point collar looks good on most men, those with narrower faces do better with slightly shorter ones, while round faces carry well above long collar points. As a general rule, the greater the angle between the short sides of the collar points, the more formal the presentation. Spread collars, which leave a wide opening between them, take large tie knots especially well. The edges of the cut-away collar nearly form a straight line above the tie knot; this is the most formal collar arrangement. An exception to the parallelism of spread and formality is the tab collar: here little tabs of fabric extending from each side connect behind the tie knot, holding the collar close together and projecting the knot outward for a precise, no-nonsense look. The white contrast collar, in any style, with or without matching white French cuffs, is a favorite of power-dressers. While it certainly raises a suit-and-tie above the masses, let the wearer be warned against it if he cannot equal its eminence.
On most decent dress shirts, the collar's points are kept straight by collar stays. These 2- to 3-inch pointed splints are inserted into slots on the underside of the collar after ironing, and later removed for washing. Besides the plastic ones that come with most shirts, you can buy them in brass, silver, and even ivory, but their material has negligible effect on their function.
Shirt Cuffs
Barrel cuffs, standard on most dress shirts, come in a variety of styles and except for the most formal of occasions are never a bad choice. The common variety has a single button; cuffs with two or even three buttons are somewhat more artful. French cuffs are de rigeur for formal wear; they look good with a suit but are always optional. A button in the sleeve placket helps the sleeve to stay closed during wear and can be opened to iron the cuffs; it is optional but nearly ubiquitous.
Shirt Pockets
The traditional left breast pocket adds a little depth to a dress shirt, especially if worn without jacket and tie, and can be useful for holding pens, tickets, and the like. A shirt with no pockets can look slightly cleaner with a coat and tie, but since the coat covers the pocket the difference is minimal when wearing a suit. As with most things, simplicity equals formality, so the pocket-less shirt is the dressiest.
Shirt Front & The Placket
The standard placket is a strip of fabric raised off the men's dress shirt front with stitches down each side; this is what most casual shirts and many dress shirts have. In the more modern French placket, the edge of the shirt front is folded over, creased, and held together only by the button holes. This cleaner front sharpens more formal dress shirts; it should not, however, be combined with a button-down collar. There are also hidden button plackets, and as the name suggests hide the front buttons under a sheath of fabric.
Shirt Back
Men's backs are not flat; thus we use pleats on the back panel of a shirt so that the fabric may hang from the yoke (the piece covering the shoulder blades) and better conform to the body. There are two common varieties of pleated shirt back styles: the box pleat consists of two pleats spaced one-and-a-half inches apart at the center, while side pleats lie halfway between each edge and the center of the back. While the former are more common on ready-to-wear shirts, the latter better align with the actual shape of the back, and thus fit most men better. A well-made custom shirt can be cut and sewn to fit its wearer perfectly without pleats, and this makes it cleaner and easier to iron. Nonetheless, many men prefer to have pleats even on their bespoke dress shirts.
A man may elect to have his shirt monogrammed, usually on the edge of the breast pocket or on the shirt's cuff. Monogramming originated as a way to identify one's shirts in a commercial laundry, akin to writing a child's name on the tag of their jacket. More recently, as the shirt has taken a more prominent role in men's dress, the monogram has emerged as a way to subtly communicate the care a man has taken in obtaining his clothes. While large, garish monograms certainly do more harm than good, many men enjoy the quiet display of their initials, usually in a color similar to the shirt's own.
Antonio Centeno is president of A Tailored Suit, an online American boutique fine-clothing merchant specializing in bespoke men's suits, shirts, jackets, and overcoats. He and his partners launched the company with the mission of helping men create the clothing that best enhances their individual style. Antonio has studied men's clothing design in London, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. He is a former Marine Corps Officer and holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a BA from Cornell College.


Men’s solid color neckties, Neckties are available in polyester or silk in standard and narrow widths as well as standard and long to extra long lengths. Choose from standard four-in-hand ties and tie and pocket square sets. Many of our solid color ties are available in more than 50 colors. Click on any of the images below to browse that category.
Looking for skinny ties? See available styles under category "B." Looking for solid color pre-tied ties (including zipper ties, clip-on ties and Velcro ties)? See available styles under category "E." Looking for boys’ ties? See available styles under category "G."

Maxi Dress Trend for Summer 2010

Nothing epitomizes summery chic than a flowing feminine maxi dress. This floor-skimming dress is a key piece to add to a summer wardrobe. Team with some metallic Roman gladiator flats or bejeweled sandals or embellished wedges.
In contrast to Summer 2009’s body-con dresses the maxi is fresh, relaxed and cool — providing great coverage but maximum comfort on a hot summer day or balmy evening. Casual daywear oozes a barefoot hippie vibe whilst dreamy dresses in pretty prints and longer-lengths make them glamorous enough for eveningwear. Maxis are easy to layer with cropped-cardigans and semi-fitted jackets, although shy away from anything too tailored to keep the look fresh and relaxed.
A very on-trend way of wearing a maxi is to team it with pieces that dumb-down the feminine edge. Flat gladiator sandals or platformed wedges will toughen-up the look or throw over an up-to-the-minute safari-style jacket.
Maxi Dresses to Suit Your Body Shape
A good quality fabric in a cut that is in proportion to your body shape can be very flattering. Due to their voluminous qualities a, from big butts and large stomachs to chunky legs and thighs. However, the trick is to avoid looking as if that is the purpose of wearing one!
Being swamped by a maxi dress is not a good look as it will give the impression of being larger. Conversely, the dress should skim curves rather than cling, it should not be too tight.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pakistani Clothes

Pakistan can give you tips for selecting dresses that suit you best and also are according to latest fashion prevailing in Pakistan.
Our portfolio for Pakistani clothes includes wide collection of dresses both for casual
and formal wear. We are always there to guide you for selecting right dresses for
your body and personality keeping in mind your looks, appearance, figure, and
your needs. is famous source for guidance to trendy wear in Pakistan.
Our portfolio is based on Pakistani clothes of different styles that include
shalwar qameez, trouser shirt, lehnga style blended with mermaid skirt cut,
sari. Colors for all these dresses are chosen based on latest color trend and
season. We update our portfolio with new arrivals for each season and trend.
All these clothes are designed and stitched by expert tailors and stylists. You
can place order for any of dresses from our Pakistani clothes portfolio and we
can forward your request to designers to all over country and bring your choice
of Pakistani dress to you within 15 days at your home.
Material used for all of these Pakistani dresses in our portfolio is of high quality.
The type of material used for different dresses is silk, satin, khaddar, jeans,
cotton, chicken, bareeza, banarsi silk, jamawar, lawn, pure silk, chiffon, jorjet,
hand knitted stuff. Pakistani clothes are decent and have big margin of incorporating different styles. pakistani and Indian clothes look elegant on smart figures for both ladies and gents.
Ladies clothes in pakistan include dupatta that can be worn in different styles and gives stylish look when you carry in different styles.

The gold is more expensive than ever, so many people are turning to BisuterĂ­a. They are so beautiful and the designs are getting better and better, so you do not have to end with little designs.

Fashion Jewelry of colors and are affordable and changing all the time. They are made of silver with, Alloy metal beads, glass, plastic, etc. There are hundreds of online stores that offers trade and charming designs and sizes. Even celebrities are turning to their jewelry and become so popular among them.

If you need something unique or different to them to look at the small outlets online. There you can find some articles and one off designs. Best of all, you can sit in your comfortable couch Navigation hot all jewelry and accessories in the store and simply wait for.

Wedding Jewelry: Jewelry is a great way to add color to your wedding day. The bride and bridesmaids can find jewelry for the big day.

Beaded: Many people love beaded jewelry. It is a great way to treat yourself and is perfect for friends or lover in your life special.

Handmade: Most women want to follow the latest fashion trends by the use singular costume jewelry. We all want to look beautiful and love for what to wear jewelry classic hand makes us more beautiful.

Victorian style: are becoming so popular, there are so many online stores that specialize in Victorian jewelry.

Silver Jewelry: We all love the silver and will always be in demand and very popular all over the world because it is affordable and stylish.

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Hairstyling Don'ts - 10 Top Hairstyle Tips

1. Don't go to the salon unprepared to request the hairstyle you wish to wear.
Many hair consumers mistakenly believe that their hairdresser can work miracles, can read their mind and can instantly pick out the best hairstyle for them.
There are many variables to consider when it comes to selecting a hairstyle and it is up to the hair consumer to do their homework and research their own hair options. Face shape, lifestyle and budget all play into the final style selected.
2. Don't select a hairstyle or haircut that is impossible to maintain at home on your own.
While many Hollywood celebrities have a expert hairdresser at their fingertips to make sure their tresses look paparazzi perfect, most consumers have to deal with their hair without those constant hairdressing services.
3. Don't skimp on proper hair care or hair styling products
Some hair care lines sold in drugstores may work for some types of hair and some styles. However, if you have highlighted or chemically processed hair or require added volume or control, the less expensive non-salon lines might not do the trick and could make styling your hair a constant challenge.
Consider your options. You may be able to compromise by buying both mass market and high quality products and alternate between them for best results. Or maybe your hairstyle requires high quality hair care lines. Be honest and don't work hard to achieve a great style only to undermine it with products that don't support it.

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4. Don't use the wrong hairstyling tools
There are many different tools available to create fabulous styles. These tools range from blow dryers and curling irons to hot rollers and round brushes. Make sure you use the proper tools when re-creating your style.
If you're unsure what tools to use, ask your hairdresser to give you a lesson at the salon. It may be impossible to copy the style your professional hair consultant designed for you if you don't deploy the same styling techniques, products and tools.
5. Don't overuse hairstyling products
Less is more when it comes to utilizing styling products. If you overdo the gels, mousse and hair sprays you risk developing product build-up on your tresses which can make your hair misbehave.
6. Don't copy celebrity hairstyles without caution
Keep in mind that Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson can wear just about any hairstyle their heart desires because they have professional hairdressers custom designing those styles to maximize their best features and minimizing their less attractive.
What looks fabulous on Demi and Jessica may not look the same on you unless you truly look exactly like them, have the same type of hair and wear the exact shade of hair color and cosmetics. Set fair expectations and you won't be disappointed.
7. Don't ignore high end cosmetology schools as hairstyling options
Some of the higher end schools such as Toni & Guy and Paul Mitchell employ talented and seasoned professionals as instructors. The schools have very high standards for the quality of hairdresser they turn out. As a result, a high end cosmo school is a great place for getting some hairstyling work performed, even if it is just a slight shaping and trim to maintain your high priced style from a different salon.
In fact, a great option is to have your hairstyle created at a top notch salon but have maintenance performed at the cosmo schools to average out your hair style maintenance costs.
8. Don't be a slave to hair trends
Hairstyles change constantly as fashion change. Instead of being a slave to hair trends, find a hairstyle that works best for you and maintain that base look. If you want to update your tresses to keep them looking fresh, opt for a change in hair color, highlights, lowlights or slight texture. If you look great in a bob, keep that as your basic style but work with your hairdresser to keep it looking contemporary.
9. Don't ignore hair accessories as a fabulous hairstyling option
Some hair consumers mistakenly believe that hair accessories are only applicable for young people or certain types of hair. This is not correct. Any hair accessory can be adopted for any age, hair type, texture, fashion or style. Use these fabulous fashion accessories to instantly change your look without a trip to the salon.
10. Don't count out hair extensions as a way to achieve different hairstyles
Whether you want a temporary hairstyle change that a clip-in hair extension can offer or a more permanent change for 3-4 months, hair extensions have come a long way towards affordability and high quality.
The Jessica Simpson clip-in hair extensions are a great first step towards experimenting with new hairstyles in the privacy of your home in just a few minutes.
If you enjoy the clip-in extensions then be bold and try a partial head of fusion style hair extensions for more lasting hairstyle options.