Monday, October 25, 2010

Summer/Spring Collection

Fashion, Style, Luscious Colors and Summers… Gul Ahmed’s Summer Collection 2010 nurtures the right moods and attitude to celebrate this summer, wrapped up in a sheer blissful experience. ‘Gul Ahmed’ is the name which depicts the greatest heights of feminine fashion excellence in exceptional styles and glorifying colors.
This season is more about fusing colors and styles within the fabrics, immaculately laden with summery spirit and elegance, adding up bursting energy of colors and passion to your wardrobe. But this year, it’s different – it’s new and it’s even better! Apart from the previous fashion collections, Gul Ahmed in 2010 brings in Le Soie Bamboo-Silk Collection to add an extra exuberance to the name. This collection is a complete stunner – a heavenly mixture of organic bamboo and velvety silk calls for a tantalizing fashion experience. Charming embroidery with stylish motifs work adds an extra classic taste to the exotic prints.

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