Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wedding Hair

Many wedding planning books provide a very detailed list of who should pay for what and when. Times have changed since the late 90s and payment issues have become more flexible. However, some expenses are still well defined. It is still a given that the bride will pay for her own wedding gown, her groom's wedding ring and gift as well as her own personal hair and skin care expenses.
Although the bridal party and attendants have traditionally been liable for their own wedding attire and travel expenses, there is no hard and fast rule for 2002.
One new bridal planning challenge is making decisions about bridal party hair, make-up and other expenses. Is each attendant required to pay for having their hair done for the wedding? What is appropriate when the bride requests that all the members of her party wear their hair in a special bridal theme style?
While it may be appropriate for a bridal attendant to pay for headgear to match her wedding gear, is it appropriate to be required to pay for a special updo or a pre-wedding spa trip?

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