Sunday, June 6, 2010

Women Jeans

When you're learning something new about fashion for women, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of relevant information you'll find. This informative report should help you focus on the central points about womens blue jeans.The information about blue jeans for females presented here will do one of two things: either it will reinforce what you know about fashion jeans or it will teach you something new. Either way, you'll gain some incredible fashion sense.Designers eases up this season with wide-leg jeans. The best of the bunch have controlled fullness, not bagginess. Wear full pants long, with a substantial heel to make legs look miles long. .
GoldSign Wide-Leg Jeans
Plain pockets, not-too-baggy legs and dark denim: these wide-leg jeans with a bit of stretch are a great way to dip into the new trend.Fit tip: If you want to disguise heavy thighs, opt for a style like these which fall in a straight line from the hip.
Citizens of Humanity Wide-Leg Jean
If you like your denim with a bit of distressing, you'll love this trouser-style wide-leg choice.Fit tip To balance heavy hips, look for a style like this that flares out from the knee.
Gap White Wide-Leg Jeans:
White jeans with trouser styling, patch pockets, a huge size designs Perfect.Fit tip: You can't cheat on fit when it comes to white pants. The slightest bit of tightness will be exposed, so make sure you take a good look in a three-way mirror when you try on white jeans.
Juicy Couture Wide-Leg Jeans
Dare to go super-wide, but only in a soft, draped cotton like this pair offers.Fit tip:With this much fullness on the bottom, keep your top fitted. A simple tucked-in T with a leather belt and fitted jacket work fine.
Paige Denim Wide-Leg Jean
These trendy jeans feature a higher rise, dark stretch jeans and flap-back pockets.Fit tip:Flap back pockets are great for adding oomph to a flat rear end.
Tips Women Need To Know To Pick Perfect Jeans
* If you have a pair of jeans at home, that you love, bring them with you or make sure to know the brand so you can use them as a reference point.
* Know what your physical assets are and what your limitations are before you go shopping.
* if your jeans are too long they can be easily altered as long as you know what to tell the seamstress. Tell him or her that you want an original hem or in Nordstrom's lingo a "tricky hem".

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