Sunday, June 6, 2010

Men Hats

in this segment we're going to be showing how to wear a hat. Now there's all, we have a couple different styles of hats here, so we can show you a few different looks. This is a great thing if you're going out and you're going to be in the sun all day and you
want to cover the sun all day and you want to cover your, protect your head, and protect your hair as well from sun damage as well as, you can still look stylish while doing this. So we're going to start with a real basic cap style. This is a nice look. It's really trendy right now. So you're going to make sure that your hair is pushed away from your face so you don't have any hanging in your face when you put it back. If your hair's long enough, you can tuck it behind your ears, and you're going to start with the front. You just put the
nose of the hat down and you just pull the back. And then you want to adjust how high you want to wear it. Usually the brim should be just slightly above the eyebrows, and then again you can do some final tucking to make sure that any pieces are stuck behind the ear.
You don't really want a lot of pieces hanging out. Just fluff it back a bit, if you have any hair in the back there. A nice look here. We also have a beret. That's right, a beret always worn to one side, so you pick which side you want it hang over. It's good if it's a little chilly outside. Now with this one you can let a few pieces hang, especially on the side that's hanging down. Beret
look. Tuke or beanies, call it either one. Slick your hair completely back as far as you can, and you're just going to slide it over your head. That, some people like to fold it over if they want it a little higher up. I like to keep it right down. And again, just make sure the hair strands are away from your face. The last one is like a fishing cap or a boat cap. This is great if you're going to be in the sun all day because it's got a good rim to it and again, with these kinds of hats, the fun thing is, there's no real set
rule on how you want to wear it. This is the chin strap. Definitely you can have pieces hanging down, or you can have it slicked back; another good look there. Those are some hat styles for men."

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