Sunday, June 6, 2010

Khussa Shoes

Khussa Shoes I have one of the largest online collection of exquisite quality khussa.The khussa shoes are made with the finest quality soft and pure cow leather. Khussa shoes are traditional footwear and are hand made with colorful and sophisticated embroidery on them.The warmth of the hands of great craftsmen make khussa shoes really fun to see and joy to wear.They are usually traditional shoes which are wear on the mehndi’s function.Small girls when wear them they look more and more preaty.Bridal can wear them on their mehndi function.
This is a fine handmade leather khussa with dabka, beads and diamantes work.The hand work maintains elegance and decency in it.Khussa is made with high quality leather.The color of khussa is very bright and I increases the grace of the is specifically made with bright color of thread on it which is increasing it elegancy.
Khussa shoes are made with leather and are hand stitched. Khussa are made in numerous designs and styles. Khussa shoes are famous for their finest embroidery works. Khussa shoes are made by expert craftsmen with a touch of perfection. Embroidery is done with beads, sequins, thread, dabka, tilla and other such materials. These embroidery works makes khussa a perfect match with any fancy dress. Khussa are comfortable and are easy to wear.
If they are quality leather khussa:Wet your feet and wear your khussa around the house for an afternoon. Occasionally rewet your feet. If they pinch or rub anywhere, you can put on a band-aide with a cotton ball under it, to help stretch the leather in that spot (i.e. on the back of the heel or on your big toe). Every time you wear your khussa they will become more comfortable as they mold to your feet.
If your khussa have quality man-made uppers or inserts:Putting wet feet into synthetic shoes is not a pleasant experience! If your khussa are not leather, put on a pair of thick socks and wear them around the house for an afternoon. Just like with leather khussa if there are any spots that rub, you can put on a band-aide with a cotton ball under it (though this will not stretch the area as much as it does with leather khussa).

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