Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kameez trousers

In addition to innovation kameez trousers after kurta churidar is a short pant. Pozapadnja?enje kameez trousers with an ad hoc fashion changed in the West in terms of cut, length and hemlines. Kurt did not infiltrate more than a few inches above the knee. Instead of shorts, was wearing pants, which makes it ideal for offices and official short kurtas wear.The come in various styles, some embroidered some plain.Pants came in parallel, Capris and a bell bottom kurtas styles.Short also called kameez trousers kurtis.The seems to offer limitless design churidar possibilities.A similar to the pants, but is the most appropriate in the hips, thighs and ankles more like leggings.
More than that, you can wear a collar or mandarin-collar dress called a kurta. Churidar longer than the extremes legs.Their is puckered and crumpled to fit.Creases also developed churis similar”or bracelets, hence the name kurta churidar.
Kurta churidar is very popular in the northern state of Punjab, in particular, so it is also known as Punjabi women from wearing trousers suit.When kameez, they usually wear a long veil or shawl called Dupatta around the head or neck. Muslim women, Dupatta is a less stringent alternative to the chador or Burq. Hindu women (especially those from northern India, where kameez trousers is the most popular), Dupatta is useful when the head must be covered, as well as in the temple or the presence of elders.For other women, Dupatta is just a stylish accessory that can be worn over the shoulder or wrapped around the chest and both helps cool the Indian shoulders.Salwar on those hot, humid and hot, because they do not cling to body.In 1960s, the most exciting discoveries of the time hit the West in fashion – Mini. Is inches above the knee skirt, and then more and more until there was nothing left of the imagination.
Women in India were not even daring, but very few of the sneak-inch above kameez knee.The ad hoc fashion Salwar Kameez changed in the West in terms of cut, length and hemlines. Been a long time for this peasant clothes from the fashion capital of the Punjab in India, Mumbai.The kurta has now reached just below the hips. Other innovations that followed the Lungi kurta churidar kurta and Ghagra choli. Sometimes wore Kurt with a tower bottom pants or jeans. All these innovations, which are relevant kurta make it more diverse range of clothing 1960s and 1970s. Even in the late 1970s, Salwar kameez and churidar kurta learned to live with differences.

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