Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Indian Wonens Clothing

Believe it or not but your lucky if your born as a woman. The reason being you will get a plethora of choice for cloths and get dressed in the best of outfits. Men do not have much of choice. But women can have the best clothes especially in India. From beautiful nine yards saree to gorgeous salwar kameez and graceful ghagra cholis, Indian women look the best when they are traditionally dressed.
Though contemporary Indian women prefers wearing western casuals. A lot of college and school going girls wear jeans and t-shirt, skirts, capris and khakis. The office going crowd prefers wearing western formals and at times salwar kameez and sarees. Western outfits are popular because they are easy to carry and are hassle free unlike the dupatta which one has got to wear with a salwar kameez. Indian women dresses not only according to the place she goes but also according to a lot of religious occasions. During vansant panchami, girls in Bengal only wear sarees and garba time in gujrat catches the best of the traditional gujrati women in ghagra cholis. Festivals drive the trend of clothing here and Indian women are very conscious about what they wear during religious festivities.
Wedding is another important time when they get dressed in the best of their clothing and team it up with the most fashionable accessory. The wardrobe of an Indian women is a perfect blend of customs and cultures along with fashionable attire. In every sense it deserves a perfect ten.Indian womens clothing, India womens clothing, Indian women clothing, native american womens clothing

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