Sunday, June 6, 2010


Fashion boots are as varied as their wearers, who buy them primarily for their style rather than for their function; yet short fashion boots provide more warmth than ordinary shoes. Manufacturers employ everything from leather to plastic to silk to velvet to precious metals and jewels to make or embellish fashion boots. Heel height ranges from ½ inch to 5 or more inches. Platform soles add to the drama of some styles of short boots.There are so many choices today when you look for women boots. The boots are more colorful, fashionable and of course, more comfortable. You can wear your boots
anywhere you want to go and it suits any outfit you wear. As a matter of fact, when you buy a pair of boots, there are some factors to consider and it’s not only about style. Another factor in choosing the right boots is platform.There are some platforms of women boots which start from flats, heels, leather soles, rubber soles or stiletto heels. Material is also another factor to consider. You could buy boots made from fur, knit, leather or vinyl. Besides color, you also have to choose whether you want buckled boots, lace up boots,
pull o boots or zippered boots.As weather begins to cool, it is time to get fashionable all the way to our boots. Women's boot styles come and go and come around again. This year's fall boot styles are a little familiar, but there are fashionable new
As always stylish fall boots are available in ankle length, mid-calf length, and full calf boots. Expect stacked heels and slightly squared toe tips, smaller than boot and shoe tips of recent years. A few boot styles are angled sharply at the toe, but most styles offer the added comfort of more toe room.
Boots which have been made from high quality real sheepskin are very easy to care for. They can be hand washed in next to no time and provided you use a special sheepskin shampoo or mild soap flakes they will be fine. (Do be careful what you use though – I stripped the colour from a cheap pair of sheepskin boots by using too strong a detergent! So… I use a specially formulated sheepskin wash shampoo and have had much better results!) Also – do not under any circumstances be tempted to put them on the washing machine – you will regret it!

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