Friday, May 28, 2010

Facts about wedding rings

The wedding ring symbolizes marriage. A spouse wears it to indicate a marital commitment to fidelity. This European custom of wearing such a ring has spread widely beyond Europe.In some countries the wedding ring is worn on the left hand’s ring finger, and in other parts of the world, it is worn on the right ring finger.A plain gold band is the most popular wedding ring with the date and your spouse’s name engraved. Women usually wear narrow rings, while men wear broader rings.Nowadays, there are many different patterns to compete with the gold band. Today, gold is not the only material for engagement and wedding rings. Titanium and platinum have recently become very popular. It is also popular to design your own rings. Engagement and weddings rings are exposed for much wear, as you wear them all the time. Therefore, be extra careful if your ring is set with diamonds. Water, detergents and solvents, can cause scratches on your ring.Sometimes the woman is given a ring when the first child is born, a trilogy ring, usually displaying three brilliant-cut round diamonds, representing the past, present and future.Remember following:- Think timeless not trendy. Will you love this ring in 20 years as much as you do today?- Eventually, make space for more than one ring.- Wedding rings should reflect your personality and hands.- Choose comfortable rings that you can wear all the timeIf you are superstitious do not try someone else’s wedding rings.

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